KaNisa Williams

Canvasing the Truth: Navigating the Digital Age in a World of Misinformation

“What if half the things people say turned out to be a lie? How will you know the Truth?”
The art of facilitation is in helping people bridge the gap between different levels of understanding. In a world where everyone has a voice and a means to share it, it is sometimes difficult to sift through endless streams of thoughts. Repurposing the concept of a facilitation technique known as canvasing, we will use topics in Prince’s The Truth as a tool to help self-regulate our own perceptions to critically consider the information we take in throughout the day.

KaNisa Williams

KaNisa Williams is a lifelong computer enthusiast with a passion for humanizing technology. As an avid gamer and programmer from the age of 4 via her family’s Tandy 2000, she has grown up with a vested interest in technology, developing websites for local arts organizations from the age of 11, graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and turning her love affair with digital solutions into a career in Human-Computer Interaction and Organizational Ergonomics.

KaNisa is currently a Senior Lead Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton working in the capacity of an Agile Coach. In this role she works as a consultant in Agile software methodology transformations for large organizations, teaches classes in these topics, and coaches teams in optimizing their group dynamics, when she herself is not facilitating development teams as a Scrum Master. KaNisa also leads a cohort of Human Computer Interaction professionals for her market! She wears a lot of hats!

Outside of work life, KaNisa is known as “Darling Nisi” and she lends her talents to help be a purple signal boost, especially in regard to self-reflection through the study and appreciation of Prince. She is the host of the Muse 2 the Pharaoh podcast, where she explores purple topics from a female perspective. KaNisa also maintains a purple presence on Tumblr and Twitter to help spread the message of compassion toward others, but more importantly toward self, through the lessons found in the music of Prince.